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So what is the solution?

Stop eating margarine and vegetable oils and start taking inall 90+ nutrients everyday!

Why are 98% of Americans deficient in major and trace minerals?

The answer is simple. Ignorance of the problem with our mineral deficient soils. As far back as 1936 in U.S. Senate Document 264, this phenomenon was discovered and documented by Dr. Charles Northen. Since then a small group of scientists and others tried to spread the word. But with the invention of pennicillin, and the begining of WWII this discovery wasn't given much consideration.

As an intelligent human being, it makes sense that to form an opinion about the need for colloidal minerals and the other 30+ nutrients, you need to do some investigative work. Your medical doctor can't help you because the medical schools around the country are governed by the pharmecutical industry, and they just don't teach doctors about nutrition. Isn't that amazing, that you have medical doctors giving advise about nutrition to patients, when they have little or no training. Imagine if your flight to New York was being piloted by a grocery store clerk. Grocery store clerks don't know how to fly. But somewhere between medical school and and their private practice they accuire enough knowledge to become experts on nutrition.

Nutrition is your first line of defense against pathogenic influences (virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites, etc.). So why wouldn't you ask a nutritionist if you wanted to prevent disease. Since doctors are unschooled in nutrition, and believe that we get all of our vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids from our foods, then you should find an knowledgable nutritionist if you wish to prevent illness. Doctors are excellent at treating illness and disease, but they just don't know about preventing illness.

Modern nutrition scientists have established that 90+ nutrients are required by the body everyday, in their proper ratios in order to have the proper reagents for various chemical reactions in the body. These are 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 68-72 major and trace minerals, and 3 essential fatty acids. This new paradigm (concept) of nutrition is called "Full Spectrum Nutrition." What happens when we don't take all these nutrients into our bodies? Old age and disease.

Free radical damage is another serious problem almost equal to the major and trace mineral deficiency problem. Free radical damage is believed to be the primary source of atherosclerosis, aging, heart disease, and a host of other degenerative diseases. The primary source of free radicals in the body is vegetable oil products like margarine, vegetable oils, lard and anything hydrogenated.

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