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Natural Libido Hightener

A healthy lifestyle which includes exercise and a balanced diet are the best way for natural libido improvement. While it is natural for a person's sex drive to vary based on his or her mood and frame of mind, some individuals may also experience low sexual desire due to certain physical and psychological factors. Common Psychological factors that reduce sexual desire include depression, stress and sexual performance anxiety while physical factors such as low levels of testosterone (in both males and females) or being very underweight or severely obese or a person's unhealthy lifestyle in general can also adversely affect sexual desire. There are certain herbs and natural libido supplements available that help increase male and female libido naturally but these should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, relaxation and good nutrition. Also, since there can be a variety of reasons for low libido, before taking such supplements, it is strongly recommended that you see a health care practitioner who can access your health and determine how best to proceed with taking supplements and libido natural remedies.

There are a numerous natural herbs and supplements available that help increase libido. These include Tribulus, Damiana, Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) and Wild Yam or Estrovera which increase female libido naturally but are also beneficial for males, read Estrovera. Tribulus and Damiana are used to increase testosterone levels in both men and women. Tribulus also helps to regulate testosterone levels and is commonly prescribed. Shatavari helps reduce stress levels and is also used for treatment of infertility. It also increases milk production in women. Wild Yam helps improve libido by increasing the level of oestrogen in women. While acting as a natural libido enhancement, wild yam also protects against heart problems and cancer.

In males, L-arginine has proved beneficial in fastening the blood flow to the penis. The function of this libido supplement is similar to Viagra but the difference is that the supplement does the same function naturally. Similarly Korean ginseng reduces stress, fatigue and improves blood flow. Gingko Bilbao also improves blood flow and functions as an anti-oxidant in the body. It also cures male impotence.

Other herbs and libido supplements that can help libido enhancement include chives, kava kava and muira-pauma. Chives, which is from the garlic and onion family, helps in the production of sex hormones. Kava kava has a sedative and tranquilizing effect and is known to reduce nervousness and depression. Muira-pauma appears to arouse men although how it does this is unclear.

In summary, while low libido is common in both sexes, there are a variety of herbs, remedies and supplements available for natural female libido and male libido improvements. However supplements work best when combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes the right amount of exercise, relaxation and diet thus leading to natural libido improvement.

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